Where was ITV’s Passenger filmed and is Chaddar Vale a real place?

Passenger introduced us to the community of Chadder Vale and set up some seriously unsettling things to come, but you might be intrigued to know where the show was filmed and if this village is actually a real place.

Written by Broadchurch star Andrew Buchan, ITV’s Passenger is a comedy-thriller with a mysterious and unsettling edge to it. DI Riya Ajunwa, who used to work for the Metropolitan police, is disturbed when Chadder Vale local Katie Wells goes missing, only to reappear the next day as if nothing had happened. This is certainly how the local community would like to be left – but Riya can’t understand their response. 

The relative outsider soon faces a series of shocking crimes and equally odd and unnerving occurrences but it remains to be seen if she’ll get to the bottom of what’s really going on. Alongside the questions posed by this intriguing premise, the Passenger filming locations might also have sparked a few questions amongst fans. The small town setting adds to the atmosphere of the drama and you might well be wondering where Passenger was filmed – and, just as importantly – if Chadder Vale actually exists.

WUNMI MOSAKU as DC Riya Ajunwa

DI Riya Ajunwa played by Wunmi Mosaku

(Image credit: Sister Pictures for ITV AND ITVX)

Where is Passenger filmed?