What happened in the Vigil season 2 ending and who was behind the Dundair killings?

The Vigil season 2 ending finally revealed everyone who was behind the Dundair killings and the conspiracy went far higher than you might’ve expected.

So much has been changed between the series 1 Vigil finale and Vigil series 2, not least the setting. However, whilst it didn’t revisit the claustrophobic submarine-based concept of season 1, the second instalment delivered plenty of equally intense moments and subterfuge to untangle by episode 6.

The Vigil season 2 ending saw DCI Amy Silva and DI Kirsten Longacre expose serious corruption in the Air Force and the intense twists and turns might well have led fans down some wrong avenues before the truth was uncovered. The finale tied up loose ends politically and investigatively and featured personal developments for Amy and Kirsten’s story too.  


(Image credit: BBC / World Productions)

Vigil season 2 ending