Was Julia Sawalha in Vera, what episode was it and what movies and TV shows have you seen her in before?

You might be wondering if you really saw Julia Sawalha in Vera as the latest season brought in some brilliant and recognisable guest stars for its spellbinding episodes.

Since it first started 13 years ago, ITV’s Ann Cleeves drama Vera has seen plenty of regular cast members come and go, but they’re not the only performances to have attracted our attention. Alongside sad departures like when we saw Kenny Doughty leave Vera as DS Aiden Healy, each episode introduces and then bids a fond farewell to talented guest stars. The same is true of other popular crime dramas and in Vera season 13 we saw some exciting names in the new episodes. Often we’re so swept away by the storylines we might not be certain we’ve identified the right actor and so some people might be wondering if they really saw Julia Sawalha in Vera recently.

*Warning: spoilers for season 13 ahead*

GILLIAN KEARNEY as Deborah Mcswain, FRASER JAMES as Tom Rushden, JULIA SAWALHA as Helen Rushden

(Image credit: ITV STUDIOS FOR ITV1)

Was Julia Sawalha in Vera season 13?