The Program: Where is Amy Ritchie now?

The Program is Netflix’s latest hit documentary series that uncovers the truth about a WWASP-run school named Ivy Ridge which tormented and traumatised several children who attended this specialist program.

The Program: Cons, Cults, and Kidnapping is currently one of the top-rated series on Netflix as viewers desperately want to know where Robert Lichfield is now and what has happened to some of the other adults who worked at this school and assisted in the management of ‘the program’. 

One person of interest for several viewers is Amy Ritchie. Amy Ritchie was the Assistant Director of the Girls Program at Ivy Ridge. Katherine Kubler says in the documentary, “all of this happened under her watch.” So where is Amy Ritchie now?

The Program on Netflix

Diana and Katherine in The Program

(Image credit: Netflix)

Who is Amy Ritchie?