The Gentlemen: Who is Charly’s real father?

The Gentlemen is Netflix’s latest drama-comedy to completely hook fans who are obsessed with the Guy Ritchie series. 

The Gentlemen has been met with a wave of enthusiastic viewers who have loved sinking their teeth into this gangster series starring Theo James, Kaya Scodelario, Vinne Jones, Joely Richardson, and Daniel Ings. Fans are loving the chunky 8-hour-long series and have several questions about the various subplots woven in throughout.

While some are wondering if Susie Glass and Eddie Horniman get together by the end of the season, others are questioning who Charly’s father really is and what exactly is going on between Lady Sabrina Horniman and Geoff the groundskeeper. Here’s what you need to know about this rather intriguing storyline.

The Gentlemen

(Image credit: Netflix)

Who is Charly’s real father in The Gentlemen?