The best fiction books of 2022 so far

How High We Go In The Dark by Sequoia Nagamatsu 

How High We Go In The Dark is incredible and inventive; both very beautiful and terribly sad. It’s one of the best books we have read this year so far. It starts as researchers digging in the melting Arctic permafrost accidentally release a virus that will change the patterns of life on Earth. 

Written before the Covid-19 pandemic, the novel is structured as a series of interconnected short stories stretching from the present day to the far future. Through the various protagonists, we see what kind of world the virus has created, including theme parks for the dying and a pig that develops speech and a moral conscience.  

But underneath it all are the human relationships, love developing and love lost. How High We Go In The Dark will expand your mind whilst also deepening your appreciation of small, everyday joys.