Papo in Griselda: Where is he now and what really happened to him?

Papo in Griselda is a key antagonist who frequently locks horns with the Cocaine Godmother herself, but what happened to Papo Mejia in real life? 

Since the release of Griselda on Netflix, viewers have been desperately trying to separate the fact from the fiction and find out what really happened to key characters such as Carmen Guttierez, June Hawkins and Chucho in Griselda.

Papo Mejia, one of Griselda Blanco’s many enemies in the show has also become of interest to viewers who want to know more about his life – and death… As his demise in the show was rather barbaric, fans are curious to know, what happened to Papo in Griselda in real life? Here’s what we know…

Maximiliano Hernández as Papo in episode 3 of Griselda

(Image credit: Netflix )

What happened to Papo?