Kindle Paperwhite review: ‘I never dreamed I’d recommend a digital device for reading, but I can’t put it down

Reading is my absolute most favourite pastime, that is, when I get time to indulge. Working full time and having three young kids leaves little time to enjoy my hobby, however I try to squeeze in a page or two as often as the opportunity presents itself. Which more often than not means a book is always with me, wherever I am.  

My love of books and reading started decades ago, and so by the time ereaders became a thing, I was entirely captured by the tactile experience only a physical book can offer. Friends would rave about how ‘easy’ and ‘portable’ their Kindles were, and how they could access pretty much any book they wanted at the click of a button. But I wasn’t swayed, and stuck to scouring through all the physical Amazon book deals, convinced an ereader would never compare to the joy I get from holding a book – turning the page, breathing in the paper’s scent, creasing the spine, and securing my novelty bookmark firmly in place.