I’m utterly gripped by Linda Blakely’s solo Atlantic row – after capsizing on day two, she has just 385 nautical miles to go to finish her incredible expedition

Forty-eight days ago, 50-year-old Linda Blakely started her solo row across the Atlantic. As one of only four women in the world to have summited Mount Everest and Lhoste (the world’s fourth highest mountain) the next day, Linda is clearly no stranger to extreme adventures. But her story captured me immediately, and I wanted to know more about her and the motivation to embark on such an endeavour. 

For the last almost seven weeks, I have followed her journey closely, and been on the edge of my seat for some of the updates, particularly at the start when just two days in, Linda capsized. But with unwavering physical and mental strength, she carried on, going on to celebrate her 50th birthday in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, bare witness to some truly stunning sights and endure some of the most testing sea conditions.