Homicide New York: Where are Sean Salley and Andre Smith now?

Homicide New York delves into multiple real life crimes and the shocking case that was the focus of the first episode – the Carnegie Deli Massacre – might have got some people wondering where convicted killers Sean Salley and Andre Smith are now.

It seems the fascination that surrounds true crime dramas and documentaries shows no sign of abating anytime soon, with several releases over the last few months alone. Whether you found yourself wondering about the Under the Banner of Heaven true story after watching the ITVX drama or The Octopus Murders true story after seeing this harrowing documentary, true crime often prompts viewers to want to learn more about the faces they focus on. The same is likely true of Netflix’s latest true crime offering, Homicide New York, from Law & Order creator, Dick Wolf, which has also left viewers wondering where Daphne Abdela is now. 

Each episode delves into a single chilling crime and features interviews with NYPD detectives, survivors and families of victims. Homicide New York episode 1 focuses on the horrific Carnegie Deli Massacre committed by Sean Salley and Andre Smith and the police’s quest to identify them and bring them to justice.

Still image of crime scene tape from Homicide New York

(Image credit: Netflix)

What was the Carnegie Deli Massacre?